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The online edition of the scientific journal Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection
(e-ISSN 2367-8429)
issued by 2011 is peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes original research and applied papers, survey materials on topical scientific problems and discussions, new developments, presents international and national institutions, releases book reviews, pieces of information, etc.
     The journal is the official edition of the National Society of Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection,
established in 1997 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

                                           Open Access Journal - full-text access to all articles is provided. Annually 1-2 issues in English language.

   A broad outline of the journal’s scope includes following rubricks: “Man and Biosphere”, “Microorganisms and Environment”, “Environmental Biotechnology”, “Technologies for Depollution”, “Bioinformatics and Bioautomatics”, “Ecological and Sustainable Agriculture”, “Forest Biology and Forest Engineering”, “New Developments”, “National and International Scientific Forums”, “Ecological Institutions  and Organisations”, “From Our Experience”, “Information Materials from Abroad”. Besides the permanent rubrics, in special cases new ones are opened, as for example discussions on a certain ecological problem important for the country or on a significant scientific achievement.

          The rubrics are directed by members of the international editorial board, leading specialists in the areas covered by the journal.


The Editor of the journal possesses the sole responsibility to determine which of research papers or articles submitted to the journal should be published in the journal. The publishing decision is based on the suggestion of the journal's reviewers. The Editor may be guided by the policies of the journal's editorial board and constrained by such legal requirements as shall then be in force regarding libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism. The Editor may confer with other editors or reviewers in making this decision. The reviewers are required to evaluate the research papers based on the submitted content in confidential manner. The reviewers may also provide suggestions to the authors to improve the quality of the research paper by their reviewing comments. Authors should ensure that their submitted research work is original and has not been published elsewhere in any language. Applicable copyright laws and conventions should be followed by the authors. Any kind of plagiarism constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable. The authors need to fill and send by e-mail a relevant DECLARATION.


The EEEP follows a quick evaluation method in order to substantially reduce the time to publication. After initial evaluation, the manuscripts are sent to two reviewers which are determined by the Editor and/or editorial board. If necessary, the number of reviewers can be increased by the Editor or the Editorial board. The reviewers are chosen from a referee board according to their expertise. The submitted papers will be blind reviewed by at least two experts. One of the reviewers will be an international expert.

Reviewers are asked to evaluate the manuscript originality, methodology, contribution to the field, quality of presentation of results, provided support for the conclusions reached as well as appropriate referencing of previous relevant studies. Reviewers might accept the manuscript, reject the manuscript or may require a revision for style and/or content. Reviewers will return the review comments within 30 days after receiving the paper. The final decision for each submission will be made once the review reports are received by the Editor.

When a revision is required by the reviewer, the author(s) are to consider all criticism and suggestions offered by the reviewers. The authors should sent back the revised version of manuscript within 7 days or requested time by the Editor. Revised manuscripts returned after one month will be considered as a new submissions and peer review process is started from the beginning. A reviewer may request more than one revision of a manuscript.

The papers need to be sent by e-mail: ecoleng@abv.bg

There are no submission and processing charges.

COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT needs to be signed and send by e-mail. The  journal allow the authors to hold publishing rights without restriction.

All issues of the EEEP journal have been archived in the National Library of Bulgaria.

        Editorial address:

        National Society of Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection
        Acad. G. Bonchev Str., bl. 26

        Sofia 1113

        Phone: (+359 2) 979 36 14

        E-mail: ecoleng@abv.bg

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