Journal of Ecological Engineering and Environment Protection



Prof. Hristo Najdenski, Corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Stephan Angeloff  Institute of Microbiology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

Research interests: Pathogenic bacteria, Zoonoses, Factors and mechanisms of bacterial virulence, Bacterial-host relationships,
Medical and veterinary microbiology, Infectious immunology, Molecular biology, Ecology of pathogenic bacteria,
Antimicrobial resistance, New antibacterial agents

Deputy Editors-in-Chief

Prof. Plamen Angelov

Space Research and Technology Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, Department of Aerospace Information Systems

Research interests: Aerospace control systems, Remote sensing, Ecological monitoring,
technology, Guidance and navigation, Informatics


Assoc. Prof. Simeon Bogdanov

University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria

Department of Soil Science

Research interests: Forest soils, Forest fires,
Soil classification,
Silvicultural properties of
forest soils.

Editorial Board

Prof. Alexander Alexandrov

Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Research interests: Ecology, Forestry, Forest genetic resources, Forest plantations,
Plant geography
Prof. Alexander Sadovski

Member of IEAS/EUROPE, Finland

Research interests: Ecological and sustainable Agriculture, Non-traditional energy sources, Environmental health, Mathematical modeling
and Statistics
Prof. Alexander Tashyrev, Ukraine

Zabolotny Institute of microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Research interests:Thermodynamic prognosis of microbial interaction with metals and organic xenobiotics, Extremophilic microorganisms,
Biohydrogen, Environmental biotechnologies