EEEP 1/2010

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O3  (Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. Bel-W3):

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Vibrio cholerae

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Abstract. In the present paper the methods for planning the location of aviation noise monitoring system terminals near airports are described. The results obtained from the application of these systems for Varna and Bourgas Airports are presented. Some recommendations are presented for including specific noise restrictions for VFR for Varna and Bourgas Airports in AIP. Key words: aviation noise, noise monitoring, airport.


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Abstract: In this work are researched risky geomorphologic processes in the mountain area of Ograzhden and Maleshevo. There was used methodology of multifactor analyzes in integrated geo-information system and classic geomorphologic methods. Purpose of the research is to generate methodology of research contemporary exogenic processes and areas define of geomorphologic risk on the base of geo-information technology taking into account local influence of wide spectrum of natural and anthropogenic factors.

Key words: GIS, geomorphology, risk, digital elevation model, exogenic processes


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Abstract: The port Bourgas is a key-point on trans boarder Corridor 8, ensures direct access to the Black Sea of Southern Italy ports. For these reasons the Bourgas port is chosen as the pilot site. In this connection the current water quality status of the Bourgas bay and the Bourgas port, respectively according to the available information is evaluated. The sampling station and the parameters that are determined are given. The generalized data are tabulated and illustrated graphically where the variation of water quality parameter could be seen. Finally some conclusions are given. They could be used during the next stages of the project at establishment of a port environmental monitoring system.

Keywords: water pollution, environmental protection, monitoring, port Bourgas, ECOPORT8



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Abstract. A network of 33 stations for active biomonitoring was set up within the City of Sofia and its vicinity aiming to assess the effects of O3 pollution on ozone-sensitive tobacco variety Bel-W3. Three plants of tobacco plants were exposed in each station for the period of four weeks (30.08-20.09.2005). The degree of degradation for each leaf was determined by a scale for assessment of ozone visible injury. The indices of degradation for each plant (Nplant) and for each site (NIIsite) were obtained. The preliminary results show that NIIsite values for central parts of the city are lower than these for suburban. The highest values of the index of degradation are received for north-eastern and eastern parts of Sofia, which is probably related with the specific climatic conditions of investigated area. A map of the city representing distribution zones of visible injuries on leaves of bioindicator plants N. tabacum L. cv. Bel-W3 was elaborated.

Key words: air quality, tropospheric ozone, biomonitoring, bioindicator, tobacco variety Bel W3.



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Abstract. Vibrio cholerae is part of the autochtonous bacterial flora of marine, estuarine and freshwater environments all over the world. The strains belonging to 1 and 139 serotypes cause cholera epidemics. The strains of the rest serotypes are able to cause limited outbreaks of diseases with cholera-like symptoms in milder form, but also otitis, wound infections as well as septicemia. The species possesses a number of features that ensure its prolonged survival in aquatic environments, and a set of virulence factors that allow it to colonize the human intestine. A general survey of the virulence and pathogenicity factors and their relation to the ecology of Vibrio cholerae are the subject of the following review.

Key words: Vibrio cholerae, ecology, pathogenicity, virulence factors, neuraminidase.


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Abstract The present work reports on the first record of terrestrial coenocytic coccal green algae from Bulgaria. Two species (Macrochloris multinucleata (Reisigl) Ettl & Gärtner and Pseudodictyochloris multinucleata (Broady) Ettl & Gärtner) have been found in forest and alpine soils of National Park and Unesco Natural Heritage Pirin Mt and taken in cultures. Details on their morphology, cytology and reproduction by means of light- and transmission electron microscopy are provided.

Key words: Pirin Mt, terrestrial algae, coenocytic green algae, alpine soils.


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Abstract: The paper deals with experimental studies and mathematical modeling of continuous process of anaerobic digestion of chicken litter in laboratory scale. Two types of models have been developed: mass balance model and artificial neural networks model. Comparative studies show that both of them have appropriate dynamical properties and may be useful for biogas production forecasting and control.

Key words: anaerobic digestion, chicken litters, mass balance model, neural networks model.