EEEP 3-4/2009


Editor's comment

B. Baykov            3-4

I. Renewable energy sources and biofuels

Ecological assessment of the digested matter from anaerobic degestion of organic wastes as an alternative of
the high energy cunsuming fertilizers

B. Baykov, I. Simeonov                                5-16

Comparativ studies and neural modelling of continuous and sequåncing batch processes of anaerobic digestion of chicken litter

I. Simeonov, O. Lutzkanova, E. Chorukova    17-23

Studies for biodiesel production ecologisation and of the possibilities for combined production

in biodiesel-biogas plants

R. Gyurov, B. Baykov, R. Berberova, R. Angelova                        24-39

Receiving of test microorganisms and their use for assessment of decontamination of composted manures

T. Popova                                                    40-44

II. Ecologization

Ecologization of the forestry sector

Ya. Naidenov                                               45-49

Environmental ethics in environmental education of children

E. Atasoy                                                      50-56

Revision and enrichment of database lands exposed to pollution due to uranium mining, and other activitties

M. Poynarova, L. Misheva, Ya. Hadjianakiev, M. Banov, S. Jeliazkova                        57-62

Demand and possibility for use the sludge from the waste water treatment stations in practics
. Marinova, N. Kathijotes                           63-68

Municipal wastewater sludge evaluation from the cities of Pernik and Veliko Tarnovo - agricultural application potential

N. Kathijotes, S. Marinova                           69-73

III. Ecological monitoring

Results obtained from a pilot monitoring investiga­tion in town areas of the electromagnetic fields space distribution
and their characteristics in the frequency range 800 MHz – 2200 MHz

D. Teodosiev, G. Mardirossian, L. Filchev, R. Gjurov, B. Srebrov, P. Dimitrov, Ts. Srebrova              74-81

Radiation monitoring in supervised area of Novi Han radioactive waste repisotory

T.   Stoilova, R. Karaivanova, E. Banova, I. Pestenska                                 82-88

Radiochemical pretreatment of monitoring samples from the area of Novi Han radiactive waste repository site

I. Pestenska, Tz. Piperov, R. Karaivanova, P. Ivanov, E. Banova                89-95

Drinking waters of municipality of Panagyu­rishte – serious ecological problem

M. Gyulemetova                             96-101

Ecology and geoinformational systems

D. Kostova, R. Berberova             102-106

IV. Recreative ecology

Ecoturism and protected natural assets in Vojvodina

T. Đurić, O. Đureković-Tešić, S. Puzović                     107-111

Development of botanical tourism in villages Yagodina, Trigrad And Mugla

D. Alexova, D. Gyurova                112-118

Formation of a cross-border park "Rhodope" – protection of natural resources and sustainable tourism development

D. Alexova                                     119-127

Facilities for development of the alternative tourism in natural park “Rila monastery”

Ya. Naidenov, V. Avramov            128-135

V. Ecological institutions and organisations

Education in ecology at the New Bulgarian University

B. Baykov                                      136-139

VI. Ecological projects

A project on biogas in the frame in the program "Intelligent energy - Europe"

S. Marinova                                    140