EEEP 4/2008



Editor's comment

I. Simeonov                                                3

I. Human and biosphere

Iskar River: heavy metals in waters, sediments and hyporheic zone

D. Parvanov, Y. Topalova, L. Kenderov               4

Study of the potential risk of flood from the Malazma reservoir using satellite and GPS data

Dora Panayotova, Roumen Nedkov, Maria Dimitrova, Iva Ivanova, Mariana Zaharoniva     12

II. Technologies for depolution

Application of hybrid hydrogels of Penicillium Cyclopium cells immobilised in polymer network for heavy metal uptake

Darinka Christova, Kolishka Tsekova, Sijka Ivanova, Dessislava Todorova                           21

Anaerobic digestion of broiler chicken litter in sequencing batch process

Yosko P. Petkov                                             28

III. Microrganisms and environment

Biosorption of Cu (II) from aqueous solu­tions by pre-treated waste Saccharomyces Cerevisiae biomass

Z. Velkova, V. Gochev, M. Stoytcheva          36

IV. Bioinformatics and bioautomatics

Mathematical modelling of the anaerobic digestion of organic wastes in continuously stirred tank reactors – A review

I. Simeonov                                                    42

Strong earthquake prediction and rescue operation control aided by the ANSYS program system

Philip Philipoff                                                 55

V. Sustainable and ecological agriculture

Influence of light intensity on the copper toxicity in pea

Ganka T. Chaneva, Alexandra N. Uzunova, Elzbieta Romanowska                  58

VI. Renewable and alternative energy sources and biofuels

Productivity of Medium Wind generators According to Wind Weibull Distribution: Application to Various Bulgarian Sites

G. Notton, V. Lazarov, L. Stoyanov               65

VII. Juridical problems of environment protection

On the effectiveness of the law for population protection from the aviation noise in the environment

Tonko Petkov                                                 72

VIII. Jubilee                                         

Prof. Metodi Tsvetanov at the age of 75        82