EEEP 3-4/2007



Editor's comment

I. Simeonov                                            3

I. Human and Biosphere

Territory protection of the republic of Bulgaria against dangerous atmospheric phenomena

P. Pavlov, V. Andreev, I. Ivanov                       4

Evaluation of aircraft noise distribution around varna and bourgas airports

T. Petkov                                                        10

Study of the dynamics of the floating islands in the Sreburna biosphere reserve territory using aerospace, gps and ground-based data

I.Ivanova, R. Nedkov, T. Michev, N. Kambourova                                                           19

Study and analysis of results from monitoring system of aircraft noise from Sofia airport

M. Georgiev, P. Georgieva                            29

Eco-hydrological base for water resourcess management of the Iskar reservoir

S. Kirilova                                                        37

II. Technologies for Depolution

Creation and development of new types of bioreactors for needs of biogas production. Part 1. Links between the bioreactor performance and the level of biotechnology chosen

L. Nikolov and V. Mamatarkova                     46

Anaerobic digestion of mixtures of activated sludge and additional organic wastes in a cascade of two bioreactors

I. Simeonov, D. Galabova, Sn. Mihaylova, A. Mirkov, B. Kalchev                             56

Flow pattern in bioreactor with light-beads fluidized bed

G. Kostov, D. Poncelet, M. Angelov                   65

III. Bioinformatics and Bioautomatics

Application of fuzzy neural network for modeling and prognosis of the Strouma river water quality

M. Petrov, T. Ilkova                                        71

IV. Forest Biology and Forest Engineering

Vegetation successions in coniferous forest ecosystems in northern Rila mountain

N. Stoyanova, A. Delkov, D. Zlatunova, V. Doychinova                                               79

The development of decision support systems for sustainable forest management

N. Chipev, V. Dimitrova, S. Bratanova-Dontcheva                                                      86

V. Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources and Biofuels

Wind energy conversion systems with synchronous generators

V. Lazarov,D. Roye, D. Spirov                       95

VI. Jubilee                106