EEEP 3-4/2006



Editor's comment

I. Simeonov                    3

I. Human and Biosphere

The new limit noise standards impact on sanitary-protective area of the bulgarian airports

T. Petkov                       4

Statistical treatment and analysis of main indexes for the water quality of the Struma river

T. Ilkova, M. Petrov                       10

valuation of volatile organic compounds emissions from open water surfaces using the epa method influence on the phase equilibrium

R. Kutsarov, I. Chobanov                    19

Methods for monitoring the Katina pyramids natural landmark using geoinformation technlogy

G. Kanev, v. naydenova, E. RoumeninaR. Nedkov                        26

Pollution of the atmosphere

I. Ivanov, S. Grigorov                        35

Problems of gas emissions in the city of Stara Zagora

I. Ivanov, S. Grigorov                        47

II. Microorganisms and Environment

Production of laccase from trichoderma species in solid state fermentation

V. Gochev, A. Krastanov, T. Girova                    60

Biosynthetic abilities of antarctic actinomycete strains III. Biosynthesis of protease inhibitor proteins

D. Dimitrova, V. Atanasov, P. Dorkov, P. Kabadjova-Hristova, M. Nashar, G. Topchieva, B. Gocheva                    65

III. Technologies for Depolution

Cultivation conditions affecting laccase production by trichoderma viride and trichoderma longibrachiatum

V. Gochev, A. Krastanov, T. Girova                   74

Adsorption studies on heavy metals removal from waters by natural biosorbents

A. Simeonova, J. Bekyarova                       80

Laboratory studies upon the possibility of biogaz production from poultry litter

I. Simeonov, Y. Petkov, B. Baykov, S. Mihajlova, A. Mirkov                    88

IV. Bioinformatics and Bioautomatics

Determining the coefficients of dispersion for migration of pollutants in groundwater

R. Petkov                       98

An algorithm for identificationof the model of microbial kinetics

G. Simeonov, S. Vassileva, V. Gantcheva, B. Tzvetkova                      107

V. Environmental Institutions and Organization

Bulgarian association for public control and noise management

T. Petkov                     117

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