EEEP 2/2009


Editor's comment

Ivan Simeonov                                           3

I. Human and biosphere

Study over the possibilities for using the bees as an indicator for pollution with heavy metal in to environment

Dragomir Manoilov, Nickolay Simeonov        5-10

Use of remote sensing and GIS in mapping urban areas of Egyptian territory for the environmental purposes

Ahmed Ramzi, Nikola Georgiev, Roumen Nedkov         11-16

Preliminary evaluation of noise reduction in Sofia by implementing continuous descent approach procedures for landing at Sofia airport

Vladimir Serbezov, Boryana Bozhkova, Ivan Dimitrov    17-22

Recent achievements in toxic cyanide determination (review)

Andriana Surleva                                    23-33

Anthropogenic impact on the runoff of the dospat river

Ivan Ivanov, Ljudmila Apostolova            34-40

II. Microrganisms and environment

The genus Aeromonas biology and ecology

Ignat Abrashev, Stephan Engibarov, Roumiana Eneva        41-49

Optimization of nutritive medium composition for extracellular laccase production by Trichoderma viride, in submerged fermentation

Velizar Gochev, George Kostov , Albert Krastanov              50-54

Microbiological status of mezophilic anaerobic degradation of cattle manure

Petya Lazarova, Venelin Hubenov, Dencho Denchev           55-60

III. Renewable and alternative energy sources and biofuels

Diagnosis on wind energy

Ouadie Bennouna, Nicolas Héraud, Mohamed Ainan Kahyeh and Ahmed Youssouf       61-65

Biodiesel production from karanja oil by immobilized lipase

David  Daniel, Naveenji Arun, Akhil Ramaswamy, Albert Krastanov        66-72