EEEP  2/2006



Editor's comment

I. Simeonov        3

I. Human and Biosphere

Application of space technologies for ecological and environment protection purposes

Plamen Angelov, Plamen Hristov, Mariyana Gousheva           4

highly restricted model approach quantifying structural and functional parameters of photosystem II probed by the chlorophyll a fluorescence rise

Petko Chernev, Vassilij Goltsev, Ivelina Zaharieva, Reto Strasser          19

II. Microorganisms and Environment

Biosynthetic abilities of antarctic actinomycete strains II. Biosynthesis of antimicrobial substances

Darina Dimitrova, Petia Kabadjova-Hristova, Petar Dorkov, Vasil. Atanasov, Milka Nashar, Blagovesta Gocheva               30

III. Technologies for Depolution

Removal of phenols fro cosmetics wastewaters by laccase and tyrosinase

Albert Krastanov, Asia Georgieva, Ivanka Stoilova             40

IV. Bioinformatics and Bioautomatics

Study on forming and functioning of biofilm by means of mathematical model

Ludmil Nikolov, Elitca Petrova, Vjara Mamatarkova and Stoyan Stoytchev          46

V. Forest Biology and Forest Engineering

Regeneration of austrian pine (pinus nigra arn.) in Borovo reserve eastern Rhodopes

Tzvetan Zlatanov        53

Mean-dominant height relationships for scotch pine and austrian black pine plantations in Bulgaria

Tatiana Stankova, Hristo Stankov and Masato Shibuya          59

VI. Juridical Problems of the Environment Protection

Protection from the noise in the Environment Low

Tonko Petkov          67