EEEP 1/2009


Editor's comment

Vladimir Lazarov, Dencho Denchev            3

I. Renewable energy sources Ц
energy assessment

Variability of solar and wind energy outputs in relation with the weather and climate conditions in Bulgaria

Peter Ivanov                                                 5-11

Seasonal variation of PV efficiency for various technologies and module inclinations

Gilles Notton, Vladimir Lazarov, Ludmil Stoyanov, Said Diaf, Nicolas Heraud       12-19

Analysis of the daily and monthly solar radiation for the region of Ruse

Ivaylo Stoyanov, Nicolay Mihailov              20-24

II. Renewable energy sources Ц technologies

First approach of a MatLab/Simulink simulation for a PV/T solar collector behaviour

Gilles Notton, Nicolas Héraud, Christian Cristofari, Ahmed Youssouf, Mohamed Kahyeh       25-32

Comparison of energy conversion systems for variable speed wind turbine application

Daniel Roye, Vladimir Lazarov, Dimitar Spirov, Ludmil Stoyanov                                         33-39
A review of some technical and economic features of energy storage technologies for distribution system integration

Gauthier Delille, Bruno François               40-48

III. Renewable energy sources Цbiofuels

A review of biodiesel fuel as fuel for transport

Dobromir Yordanov, Petko Petkov,
Yanko Dimitrov                                          49-57

Bioethanol: industrial manufacturing, perspectives and problems.

Kantcho Lahtchev                                     58-69

The biogas as an alternative energy source

Ivan Simeonov                                                70-79