EEEP  1/2006


Editor's comment

I. Simeonov                                                                    3

I. Human and Biosphere

Entomopathogenic bacteria in biological control

P. Moncheva, M. Shishiniova                                         4

Is there a tendency towards cleaner manufacturing in Turkey?

E. Solakoglu, N. Solakoglu                                          15

The biotests in ecotoxicology – carry into practice and problems

M. Lyubenova                                                              23

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in red fox (vulpes vulpes) in the natural park “Vitosha”

M. Gospodinova, G. Markov                                        31

II. Microorganisms and Environment

Biosynthetic abilities of antarctic actinomycete strains. I. Biosynthesis of proteolytic enzymes

D. Dimitrova, P. Dorkov, V. Atanasov, M. Nashar, B. Gocheva, P. Kabadjova-Hristova                        37

III. Technologies for Depolution

Peculiarities of the research organization in bioproces engineering. Part 3. Implementation of the system approach in investigations of bioprocess systems with fixed film

L. Nikolov                                                                     45

Biodegradation of some phenol derivatives by defined mixed culture of Aspergillus Awamori and Trichosporon Cutaneum

I. Stoilova, A. Krastanov, S. Gargova                            60

IV. Forest biology and forest engineering

Distribution and main ecological and biological characteristics of Acer species

D. Pandeva                                                                    65

V. National and International Scientific Forums

Renewable energy for Europe - research in action

E. Naegele                                                                     69

Biogas, ecology and the cap – the Swedish experience”, Sofia, May 9-10, 2006

I. Simeonov                                                                   75